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  1. The Greening of Asia and China
  2. The Greening of India: The Economic Miracle
  3. The Greening of Indonesia
  4. Greening the Global Economy
  5. Productivity and Health: A state level view of Indian Agriculture
  6. Migration

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ISBN 9781907543210

Inrtroducing Migration: Social and Environmental Perspectives.


The Greening of Indonesia


The Greening of Indonesia


ISBN 978-1907543821

A collection of academic papers in the original form from the authors who are all Indonesian. This volume was  launched by His Excellency the Indonesian Ambassador at The University of Oxford GEI Annual Conference.

Commissioned by Dr Stefan Onggo and Dr Irwati  and Steven Marcelino at the Indonesian Scholars Association Conference. Put together by Michelle Gale and Miriam Kennet.