The Green Economics Institute Trust exists to educate the public in social and environmental justice and Green Economics.

All our books are also designed to support learning and education in these areas. We also provide many regular courses for as diverse an

educational group as  our course in Montenegro  and in Venice at the International University for Officials and Diplomats from   Former  Iron Curtain and Eastern European Countries, our courses for the Italian Ministry of Tourism, for the UK Cabinet Office, for the UK Treasury, for The University of Bolzano in Italy, for officials in Bolzano in Italy, for our own students, for professors from as far afield as Japan and we provide regular training of top Diplomats from the Chinese Polit Buro and many other types of training as well as academic training in the literature and practise of Green Economics, all aspects of social and environmental justice, climate and climate science and our latest theories, migration, gender and much more.




If you would like us to provide any education, or courses our would like to take part in our regular qualification examinations to  be held in June this year

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All our books support our courses and are very popular with our students.

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Economics of Social Justice

£70.00 £40.00

Economics of Social Justice: A Handbook for Students

Editors: Miriam Kennet, Iolanda Cum and Sabeeta Nathan


  • Paperback: 260 pages
  • Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (1 Mar. 2015)
  • ISBN-10: 1907543465
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907543463




The Greening of Indonesia


The Greening of Indonesia


ISBN 978-1907543821

A collection of academic papers in the original form from the authors who are all Indonesian. This volume was  launched by His Excellency the Indonesian Ambassador at The University of Oxford GEI Annual Conference.

Commissioned by Dr Stefan Onggo and Dr Irwati  and Steven Marcelino at the Indonesian Scholars Association Conference. Put together by Michelle Gale and Miriam Kennet.