Economics of Social Justice

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Economics of Social Justice: A Handbook for Students

Editors: Miriam Kennet, Iolanda Cum and Sabeeta Nathan


  • Paperback: 260 pages
  • Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (1 Mar. 2015)
  • ISBN-10: 1907543465
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907543463




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The Green Economics Institute’s Publications List of Contributors

Part 1: The Economics for Social Justice 26

1.1 Reform of Economics 26By Sabeeta Nathan

1.2 The Balance of Economics and Social Justice, A student’s perspective 26By Ricky Holcroft

1.3 Karl Polanyi on Ethics: Conceptualizing Social Justice 28By Professor Maria Alejandra Madi (Brazil)

1.4 A Farmer’s charter 39By Rudolf Buehler (Germany)

1.5 Social Justice: An Introductory Essay 41By Professor Gary Craig

Part 2: Education for Social Justice 48

2:1 Greening the Academy for Social Justice 48By Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (Brazil) and Miriam Kennet (UK)

2:2 Green Economics and Pedagogy 57By Miriam Kennet

2:3 Mountain-Eco-Philosophy 2.3By Trude Blumse (Norway)

Part 3: Debating Economics 78 68

3:1 The Eco-Energetic Point of View: Globalisatics of Natural Resources,Economic Value and Money68By Stephen I. Ternyik

3.2 Good Jobs: the double dividend of Green Employment 7

46Economics of Social Justice: A Handbook for StudentsBy Dr Enrico Tezza (Italy)

3.3 Green Economics: its recent Development and background 88By Miriam Kennet and Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (Brazil)

3.4 How useful is Econometrics for Green Economics ? 98By Sophie Billington

Part 4: Debating Social Justice 101

4.1 What Opportunity Do Poor People Have To Participate Or Lead In TheGreen Economics Debate?101By Don O’ Neal

4:2 Tragedy in Zolitude: A lesson for contemporary society 107By Professor Sandra Gusta

4:3 Towards Economics that provides for Social Justice 115By Henry Cox

4:4 Promoting Social Justice through local empowerment and the promotionof social cohesion122By Dr Susan Canney

4:5 Global Food Security – Analysis and Solutions 128By Bianca Madison-Vuleta

4:6 Governance of Health Care in Green Economy: The Egyptian Drama 137By Mohammad El – Naghi and Manal El Batrn (Egypt)

4:7 Silent Voices: An Emerging Women Power in Ethiopia 150By Mahelet Alemayehu Mekonnen (Ethiopia)

4.8 Social-ecological transformation and Green Economics: New perspectivesfor solutions to the most pressing problems of today153By Miriam Kennet

Part 5: Climate Justice 191 166

5:1 Solar Panels and Renewable Energy in MexicoBy Jose G.Vargas-Hernandez (Mexico)

5:2 Green Economics: 10 Key PointsBy Miriam Kennet1747Economics of Social Justice: A Handbook for Students

5:3 Ten Key Points on reversing the trend of Climate Change 175By Davide Bottos (Italy)

Part 6:Young people and Education for Social Justice 178

6:1 Young people and the lost generation. An economics perspective fromyoung people 177By Adam Salah

6.2Young Brazilians and Unemployment 181By Professor Maria Madi (Brazil)

6:3 Youth’s Struggle for Change 186By Eleni Courea (Cyprus)

6:4Why Green Economics is Important for Young People 192By Miriam Kennet, Miriam Prasse (Germany)

6:5 A Young person’s view from Asia 196By Norfaryanti Kamaruddin Green Economist (Malaysia)

6:6 The Pitfalls of Economic Modelling 198By Max Basta200200

Part 7 The Philosophy of Social Justice in Nigeria’s Green Economy Setting

7.1 Green Economy for Social Justice in NigeriaBy Dr Chidi Magnus (Nigeria)214214

Part 8 Strategies for Social Justice via Economic Theory

8.1 Strategies for Social Justice via Economic TheoryBy Professor Wendy Olsen , Daniel Neff, J. Rangaswarmy and Vincent Orlet