Green Investment, Green Economy and Green Finance


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  • Paperback
  • Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (10 Oct. 2017)
  • ISBN-10: 1907543481
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907543487


Introduction The Failures of Contemporary Capitalism Rethinking Finance, Investment and the Green economy By Maria Madi ( Brazil) and Miriam Kennet (UK) Re- Conceptualizing, Reforming and Reclaiming finance for the 21st and 22nd Centuries By Miriam Kennet (UK) and Maria Madi (Brazil)



Section 1 Financial Innovations, Business Strategies and Social Needs

1.1 The Shadow Market: The Powerhouse of the Sovereign Wealth Funds and the New Economic World OrderBy Miriam Kennet (UK)

1.2 Financial Discrimination, Shadow Banking, ROSCAs and Pawnbroking By Chow Fah Yee (Malaysia)

1.3 Old and New Business Models: Rethinking the Challenges of Short-Termism in Business and Society By Maria Madi (Brazil)

1.4 Ecosystem Valuation, Commodification of Nature and the Green Economy by Baba Aye (Nigeria)

1.5 Creating Social and Environmental Justice in Economics and Investment By Miriam Kennet(UK)

Section 2 Current Topics in Investment, Consumption and the Green Economy

2.1 The Green Economy: Rethinking Growth By Volker Heinemann (Germany) and Miriam Kennet(UK)

2.2 iGDP as a Framework Notation System, to replace GDP’s central role 4 By Gunnar Nilsson ( Sweden)

2.3 Growth, Basic Income and Green Policies By Dr Paul O’Brien (UK)

2.4 How Economic Theory Shapes Infrastructure Investment By Michael Goodfellow-Smith

Section 3 Ethics and Sustainability Challenges 3.1 Property and Ownership, Land and Land-Grab: What Does Value Mean and Values do We Need to Bring? By Juliana Lima Mafia ( Brazil)

3.2 Financialization, Pension Funds and Generation Challenges By Professor Maria Madi

3.3 Sustainability Perspectives on Market Integrated Economic Democracy By Gunnar Nilsson (Sweden)

3.4 Emotional Responses Emotional Sustainability: A Cross-Disciplinary Concept for Socio-Ecological Transition By Dr Enrico Tezza (Italy)

Section 4 Climate change: Investment, Finance and Valuation

4.1 Climate Finance and the Role of Private Equity Funds: Contemporary Trends By Maria Madi ( Brazil)

4.2 Economic Valuation of the Botanic Gardens of the Zoo-Botanic Foundation Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais By Miriam Pimentel Mendonca (Belo Horizonte’s Zoo-Botanic Foundation), Karen Alvarenga Windham-Bellord (International Institute For Sustainable Development), Daniel Caixeta Andrade ( Federal University Of Uberlandia), Fernando De Moura Resende ( Federal University Of Minas Gerais), Michele Polline Verissimo (Federal University Of Uberlandia)

4.3 Is Contingent Valuation Method Credible as the Environmental Valuation to Evaluate total Economic Value? By Koryo Suzuki (Japan)

4.4 Greening the Academy – Economics: The Latest Developments and Issues in Environmental and Green Economics By Miriam Kennet and Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira(USA and Brazil)

4.5 Re-Appropriation of Resilience to Neoliberal vision Political Sustainability in Africa’s Post-Paris Climate Finance 5 By Augustine I. Sadiq Okoh (Nigeria)

Section 5 The Investment/Finance Literature and Theories Reform

5.1 Global finance: banking dynamics, regulation and future challenges By Maria Alejandra Caporale Madi (Brazil)

5.2 Debunking Myths About Public and Private Finance By Jonathan Ross-Tatam

5.3 Avoiding Extinction By Professor Graciela Chichilnisky (USA and Argentina)

5.4 Solving the Global Financial and Environmental Crises By Professor Graciela Chichilnisky (USA and Argentina) Section 6 Geographies of Investment and Finance

6.1 The importance of organic farming and valuation of its environmental benefit: From the case study of the Green Revolution in Indian Punjab By Koryo Suzuki (Japan)

6.2 Microfinance in Malaysia: Extending its Role for Financial Inclusiveness By Chow Fah Yee ( Malaysia)

6.3 Successes of the PES scheme in Costa Rica as a model for further implementation in Latin America By Carlos Restituyo

6.4 EU Sustainable Development Strategy as a Great Opportunity for Building and Equitable and Sustainable Society By Arturo Hermann (Italy)

6.5 New trends in energy finance in Brazil: challenges to sustainable investment By Maria Madi

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