ISBN 9781907543210

Inrtroducing Migration: Social and Environmental Perspectives.



The Green Economics Institute has been very active  in

Changing the narrative of  migration.

This book is the result of 3 conferences and a project on migration and we will be running a one day conference at The University of Oxford in June 2018 and are calling for papers for the event and we hope to produce more work and more research on the subject.

We have produced this book and 2 conference proceedings papers too.

There is a very good exhibition at the London Natural History Museum which explains about migration too. We urge all our readers to buy the book above and also visit the Natural History Museum if they can to find out more.

If you would like to book a place at our lovely conference in June 2018, which will be considering the areas of the economy which benefit from migration, please email us today greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com or the email address at the top of this page, to reserve a place or visit our brand new website GEIConferences.org where you will be able to buy tickets from mid February 2018 by emailing info@geiconferences.org

Our migration publications

  1. Migration: A Social Justice perspective (2016) Miriam Kennet and Henry Fieglar.(Canada and Greece)
  2. Proceedings of the Migration Conference at Oxford University (2016)
  3. Proceeedings of the Migration Conference at Oxford University (2015)
  4. Proceedings of the GEI Migration Conference at Oxford University (2015)
  5. We have also produced a video which you can see on vimeo https://vimeo.com/253238079