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NHS Continuing Health Care: A Guide to Accessing Long Term NHS Care Funding
Book Overview: 13 Chapters . No. of pages 285 approx. ISBN: 9781907543753



NHS Continuing Health Care: A Guide to Accessing Long Term NHS Care Funding

By acclaimed author and journalist Peter Lang

Book Overview

13 Chapters. No. of pages 285 approx. ISBN: 9781907543753 Author Peter Lang

About the Book and The Ideas  it explores

The NHS is supposed to look after people who are ill, or need after-care. But for many people with serious long term conditions, particularly the elderly, getting long term NHS care is a series of battles with bureaucrats. But

Peter Lang suggests an unorthodox strategy to win what is termed NHS Continuing Health Care. His experience in fighting for long term care for his elderly mother and father who suffered from dementia exposes many of the

deliberate malpractices used to deny NHS funding.


The scandals surrounding NHS assessments for long term care were exposed by the cases of his mother and father – married for over 70 years and then diagnosed with the same illnesses and needing the same care from the same nurses in the same nursing home,and then dying within three days of each other with almost the same cause of death. But while his father was fully funded as the NHS agreed his care needs were health needs, they described his mother’s care as social care and refused to fund it at all.


His solution was to demand reviews of the assessments and to refuse to complete the council means test or to pay any care bills. Here in Continuing Health Care – a Guide for Families and Professionals he spells out the tips,

tactics and strategies designed to force the NHS to step up to their responsibilities to look after those with long term care needs. He draws out the directions from the NHS about how assessments should be done and exposes the way malpractice by NHS and social services staff reduce the chances of a patient being funded.


About the Author, Peter Lang


Peter Lang was responsible for overseeing the care for his elderly parents for five years. He works as an events organiser and as an environmental consultant advising companies and organisations on their environmental per –

formance and is the founder and chair of an environmental charity. His previous career was as a journalist, and he is the author of two books on the local economy and ethical investment.


He has worked for the Green Group in the European Parliament and the London Assembly and is a former adviser to the deputy mayor of London. He also spent three years on the board of a major pension fund and was a member of their investment committee. He wrote Continuing Health Care – a Guide for Patients, Families and Professionals after seeing the NHS refuse to provide health care to patients leaving families – usually at a very

stressful time – to arrange long term care themselves with very little guidance to help them through the process.

Peter Lang is the chair of the G&A trustees and the site manager of Green and Aaway a Charity, overseeing their equipment. He was one of its founders, and has been involved with the organisation since 1990.

He works as a freelance environmental consultant, advising and researching on environmental issues for a wide range of organisations. He is currently the Environment Custodian for Riversimple Ltd, a highly innovative

company building a hydrogen car; and is Events Manager for Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine.

In the past he has worked for the European Parliament, the Green Group in the London Assembly, as adviser to the Deputy Mayor of London, and as a trustee of a major public pension fund.


He is the author of two books on the local economy and ethical investment. He is a former freelance reporter for specialist magazines including Care Weekly, the Health Service Journal and the Nursing Times.


About This New Ground Breaking Book

This new ground breaking book gives a thorough overview of the rules the NHS is supposed to follow when deciding whether to provide long term care. It is written so families can understand a complex procedure which the NHS uses to wrongfully refuse care to many people who need it.


Families don’t need medical knowledge to follow his strategies: just the confidence to speak up to the managers and demand that they follow the proper procedures.



Introduction to Continuing Health Care:
Guide to Accessing Long Term NHS Care
Chapter 1
Summary, warnings and advise
Chapter 2
What care is available from the State
Chapter 3: Where is the Patient & Who are the Assessors?
Where is the patient?
Chapter 4: The Money!
Chapter 5: The Role of the Social Workers
Chapter 6: The Check List
Chapter 7: The Full Assessment (the MDT Meeting)
Chapter 8: Scoring the Decision Support Tool
Chapter 9: The Four Characteristics of Need
Chapter 10: The CHC Panel
Chapter 11: Malpractices to Look Out For
Chapter 12: Contradictions
Chapter 13: After Eligibility is Refused
Chapter 14: The Appeal process
Chapter 15: Bringing in Reinforcements
Chapter 16: So What’s Really Going On?
Chapter 17: A Question of Morality

NHS Continuing Health Care: A Guide to Accessing Long Term NHS Care Funding
Book Overview: 13 Chapters . No. of pages 285 approx. ISBN: 9781907543753


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