Pathways to a Green Economy in Post Paris Africa


ISBN 9071978543371

Pathways to a Green Economy in Post Paris Africa

By Sadiq Okoh

ISBN 9781907543371



This wonderful book explains how The Green Economy can help to implement the Paris Agreement and also the

challenges and pitfalls if it not clearly understand. The book situates the discussion in the context of contemporary Nigeria where contemporary flooding has focused people’s minds on climate change.

Different Conferences of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate  Change, (UNFCC) attempted to find lasting solutions to the issue of stablising greenhouse gas (GHG), emissions to an acceptable level. The purpose of these COPs is to find avenues to reduce the global average temperatures to well below 2 degrees centigrade above pre industrial levels. Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to below 2 degrees is in line with Article 2 of the Framework Convention.

In COP21 one of the latest of these conferences, 2016, a total of 195 countries met in December 2015 pursuant of the UNFCC objectives. The instrument used for submitting country specific GHG reduction targets,  at COP21, was the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, (INDCs).

The inequality between countries is far more critical in Africa too. This book takes a practical perspective of the impact in Africa or both climate change and the Paris Agreement which tries to address this.

Pathways to a Green Economy in Post Paris Agreement Africa Dr Okoh discusses the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and its effect on the political economy of Africa and how the Green Economy is being implemented in Africa and the implications of this globally.

This book is a particularly good read and takes interesting and challenging perspectives. Well worth the read.