Philosophical Basis of the Green Movement


by Mike Benfield (Author),‎ Ms. Miriam Kennet (Author),‎ Michelle Gale De Oliveira (Author),‎ Sandy Irvin (Author) (2013)

ISBN-10: 1907543546
ISBN-13: 978-1907543548




Philosophical Basis of the Green Movement: Distinctive Elements from the Founders of the Movement (Handbook of Green Economics Series) Paperback – 1 Oct 2013
by Mike Benfield (Author),‎ Ms. Miriam Kennet (Author),‎ Michelle Gale De Oliveira (Author),‎ Sandy Irvin (Author)

After 50 years of materialist culture, people are desperately seeking answers to such questions as the proper sharing of the bounty of the planet and also the human economy. Who should have and who should have not and can inequality ever be justified. Should humans take every last benefit from the planet or do we need other species and do we need to learn to share and to respect nature. We are not alone on this planet but we might be a very short lived species if we dont get a grip on our proper role. This unique book brings texts and discussion from some of the founders of the green movement and makes todays’ philosophy accessible and usable for everyone! The main features of philosophical possibilities for the 21st century and brings the light of Green Movement thinking to bear on todays issues. The Green Movements’ original philosophical questions and conundrums in the light of todays’ challenges.Shinning a very modern light on Classical texts This book introduces the philosophical basis and understanding of the Green Movements’ amazingly accurate predictions on climate and global environmental physical and political change to a broader group of readers, students, policy makers, academics and campaigners in this ground breaking volume.